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Where is the Parietal lobe Located? The parietal lobe is located on top of the temporal lobe, which we will talk about in another blog. The Parietal lobe is in the left side of your cerebellum hemisphere. The parietal lobe is also located behind the Frontal lobe and in front of the optical lobe.


Where is your Frontal Lobe? The frontal lobe is located in the front of your brain, as you might have guessed from the name. This lobe is located directly behind the forehead. The frontal lobe is the largest lobe in your brain. Since, this is located directly behind the forehead. It is the most common area where traumatic brain injury affects. If the frontal lobe is damaged, a lot can happen to the brain, resulting in physical effects.


What does your brain do? Well, your brain does a lot of things, it basically controls your whole body and tells your body what to do. Your brain is divided into parts that do different things. For example there is part of your brain that connects with your eyes and it tells you where to look and documents everything. The same procedure happens with all parts of your body. The brain is divided into parts that control each part of your body. Neurons are nerves connected to your brain to difference parts of your body. Think of it this way, The Brain could be a vehicle engine. The nerves can be the wires connecting to every part of the vehicle. Makes sense, doesn’t it?