The Ocean of Knowledge: How Water Impacts Your Brain

Water – it’s something that we drink every single day, but don’t even realize the breathtaking results that our bodies perform to keep each cell healthy. Hydration is vital to survival as a human, and without it, the results would be quite clear to your body. Everyone tries their best to have a well-hydrated body, but do we focus on a well-hydrated brain?

Hydration is crucial for a well-functioning brain, and water allows the different parts of our brain to make important yet crucial decisions in our day-to-day lives. Suppose you are studying for a test, and putting your brain hard at work to memorize key terms, or other essentials that you need to understand. When your brain is hydrated, it can think properly and requires less effort to make the right, sensible choice as opposed to making your brain work 10 times harder, for the same results simply because of dehydration. The simple act of drinking water allows the brain to maintain optimal function, as the results of proper hydration throughout your days are mind-blowing!

The majority of the human brain is made up of 80% water – shocking! Therefore, our brains would be the first out of the whole human body to start to feel the effects of dehydration. By protecting your brain and drinking enough water, you would be doing a large favor to your body by allowing it to function properly and not show negative effects such as headaches, migraines, or even serious health damaging issues. In addition, concentration drastically improves with hydration, as “Staying properly hydrated enables the brain to stay alert so we can keep our attention and focus,” according to In addition to these benefits, hydration also allows your brain to have balanced moods, get rid of unnecessary mood-changing hormones, get rid of toxins and dead cells, as well as balance chemical processes! By keeping your brain and body cells active, you are indirectly providing your brain with essentials that allows it to perform at its very best! So the next time you want to memorize something important, do essential work, or just need a brain-booster in general, remember to give your brain the water it needs.

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