About Us

Who We Are

The Brain Bunch was founded in 2019 to invest students in the fascinating subject of neuroscience right from a young age. Partnering with communities, our educational appeal comes from our interactive learning based activities.

With the help of astute mentors passionate about science and the brain, we help children explore the anatomy, mechanisms, and roles of the brain as well as the nervous system as a whole through a hands on approach.

In an engaging manner, students uncover the basics of the brain, inlcuding the mechanisms that drive our behaviors and sensations towards our environment. Our initiatives encourage students to explore STEM and develop a greater curiosity for education.


Our goals are simple: helping students explore the STEM fields, exposing students to the science behind their brains, and fostering a love for education amongst all students including those that are underrepresented in STEM. We work with children in the field of neuroscience through a hands-on approach, educating students on neuroscience concepts that we wish to share in a simplistic, captivating manner. In the process of learning, especially amongst younger students, we believe in helping the students apply the concepts they learn through games. Ultimately, by generating interest for the brain, we hope to expand the number of professionals in the field of neuroscience for the future no matter their background as this is an area that can really help humanity thrive in the future, and correspondingly, offer people more opportunities as well.

Why Neuroscience

Often, people ask us, “Why Neuroscience?” Here are a few reasons:

1. Neuroscience is an important field for the future

From a medical standpoint, the dementias, which are neurologically based, are expected to soon beat heart disease and cancer as the leading cause of death (it is already the leading cause of mortality in England and Wales). Even in our everyday lives, as we explore artificial intelligence through computer science to help our society function more efficiently, we ultimately explore the nature of our own minds to help us understand how we can recreate and upgrade the mind technologically.

2. Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary STEM field
3. Neuroscience invites exploration

Founder’s Message

My name is Siddhant Kumarapuram Ganapath. Neuroscience is a fascinating field given the brain’s connections to technology, medicine, and daily life. As a student, my passion for STEM developed through my experiences learning how we can apply our behaviors and emotions in life. I soon realized that early exposure to neuroscience can inspire more students to explore the STEM field. Thus, in high school, I hosted our first outreach event at the Cedar Hill STEM Fair. After the success of this workshop, I developed The Brain Bunch. We engage students across the world, including those from backgrounds underrepresented in STEM fields, in enriching demonstrations, activities, and animations that make learning neuroscience exciting. Through our interactive, engaging events, we hope to foster the next generation of inquisitive, science professionals that will lead our society into a bright future.