Brain Bunch is commited to helping inform students in our society about the wonderful prospects offered by neuroscience. Parents, teachers, and even students themselves can refer to our resources in order to help spread awareness and learn more about the brain. Here we have a collection of resources as well as links pertaining to the basics of neuroscience as well as our six specialized modules that we hope you would be interested in uncovering.



Please click one of the links below to access the resources and activity guidelines pertaining to the basics of the brain:

Basic Brain Anatomy Information

The Neuron Information

Sense Your Brain Activity Information

Brain Circuits Activity Information


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Brain Bunch Video Series

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Please click one of our modules below to access our neuroscience resources pertaining to that topic:

Module 1: Music

From listening to your favorite tunes to playing one of Beethoven’s works, music stimulates the mind. Learn more by clicking here.

Module 2: Sports

Whether its basketball or football, sports unify movement and thinking. No wonder the game is in the mind. Learn more by clicking here.

Module 3: Painting/Art

Da Vinci’s brain created “Mona Lisa” and Munch’s made “The Scream.” Creative expression through art is an exquisite gift of your brain. Learn more by clicking here.

Module 4: Magic/Optical Illusions

A simple card trick or a swirling spiral. The ability for our brain to be confused is what makes magic and illusions so exciting. Learn more by clicking here.

Module 5: Food

People either hate it or love it. Our brain compels us to eat not only for nutrition but also pleasure. Learn more by clicking here.

Module 6: Movies

The Avengers! Titanic! Avatar! What made them all so successful? Our brains just love movies. Learn more by clicking here.


Here are some more links to activities and resources you can refer to in order to learn more about neuroscience:

Neuroscience for Kids


DANA Foundation


Meet Our Chief Content Editor

A central feature of human nature is to understand who we are. We strive to understand what makes us happy or sad, excited or calm, dissatisfied or content. Central to establishing why we are each unique and why we have different abilities are the activities of networks of neurons in our brains. While scientists have made much progress in understanding how the brain interprets our sensory perceptions and how it controls our muscles, there is much more that needs to be understood. Moreover, by understanding how the nervous system functions we will glean new insights into the origins of psychiatric and neurological disorders. The Brain Bunch is a great way for future neuroscientists to begin to learn about the brain and spinal cord. It uses interesting anecdotes and it provides opportunities for students interested in the nervous system to interactive with each other. I look forward to helping The Brain Bunch achieve its goals and to following their progress in the next few years.

-Dr. Steven W. Levison, Professor of Neuroscience and Principal Investigator at New Jersey Medical School, The Brain Bunch Chief Content Editor and Advisor