The Parietal Lobe

Where is the Parietal lobe Located? The parietal lobe is located on top of the temporal lobe, which we will talk about in another blog. The Parietal lobe is in the left side of your cerebellum hemisphere. The parietal lobe is also located behind the Frontal lobe and in front of the optical lobe.

What is the Parietal lobe made out of? The Parietal lobe is Stretched from the central sulcus till the Parieto-occipital groove which separates the parietal lobe from the optical lobe. The parietal cortex contains the Primary Somatosensory cortex. The Primary Somatosensory cortex (which is also called S1) receives the sensory information. 

What does the parietal lobe do? The Parietal lobe Is incharge of sensations from around the body like Touch, Pressure, Heat, Cold and Pain And the knowledge of numbers and their relations. Believe it or not, The parietal lobe creates a mental ap on what is surrounding us. The parietal lobe basically keeps us from bumping into things and can help you feel things. 

What Are Some damages to the Parietal lobe? If the left parietal lobe is damaged, It can result in “Gerstmann’s Syndrome”. This Syndrome Will result in Left-Right Confusion, Difficulty with writing (Agraphia), Difficulty with mathematics (Acalcullia), Difficulty with processing languages (aphasia) And Lastly you will not be able to Perceive objects normally (Agnosia). When your Parietal lobe is damaged, you’re gonna have trouble tying your shoelaces for sure.

Did you know? The parietal lobe has some Very specific functions. The Parietal lobe has a LOT of responsibilities since it is part of the cortex. The Parietal cortex is really really important, Remember that! Try some memory games to improve your memory and help exercise the Parietal lobe and Other lobes Too! 

I hope that a lot of people learned about the parietal lobe from this Article like I have from making it! I Hope you read the other articles too! Thank you for your patience. See you in the next Article. 

Author: Lakshana Arumugam

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