The Frontal Lobe

Where is your Frontal Lobe? The frontal lobe is located in the front of your brain, as you might have guessed from the name. This lobe is located directly behind the forehead. The frontal lobe is the largest lobe in your brain. Since, this is located directly behind the forehead. It is the most common area where traumatic brain injury affects. If the frontal lobe is damaged, a lot can happen to the brain, resulting in physical effects.

What does the Frontal Lobe do? Your frontal lobe does a lot. The frontal lobe controls social interaction, problem solving, and movement. Now, you might be thinking “doesn’t your cerebellum control your muscle movement?” You are completely correct. In order for your cerebellum to move your muscles, it needs to know what and which muscle to move and that is where the frontal lobe comes in. The frontal lobe decides how to move the muscle, whereas the cerebellum corrects for mistakes in this movement. The frontal lobe also controls your emotions. Believe it or not, it also controls your personality. Wow! Your frontal lobe controls a lot of things. 

What does the frontal lobe contain? As you all know, the brain is made out of a grey matter, white matter, and soft tissue. However, is this particular part of the brain made out of something other than that? Well, no, but there are some things that it does have around it and on top of it. The frontal lobe is patterned by the frontal cortex. This outer covering consists of the premotor cortex and the primary motor cortex. The anterior part of the frontal lobe is also sub-classified as the prefrontal cortex. 

Did you know your frontal lobe also decides if you make a bad or good choice? Most of the people with frontal lobe injuries complain about memory loss. This happens because your frontal lobe stores your long-term memories. When it experiences an injury, the frontal lobe may not work properly, causing memory loss.

I hope that you learned more about the frontal lobe from this short piece! I encourage you to share your newfound knowledge and insights with others!

Author: Lakshana Arumugam

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