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What does your brain do? Well, your brain does a lot of things, it basically controls your whole body and tells your body what to do. Your brain is divided into parts that do different things. For example there is part of your brain that connects with your eyes and it tells you where to look and documents everything. The same procedure happens with all parts of your body. The brain is divided into parts that control each part of your body. Neurons are nerves connected to your brain to difference parts of your body. Think of it this way, The Brain could be a vehicle engine. The nerves can be the wires connecting to every part of the vehicle. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Where is your brain? This is a simple question and the answer is your head but, is it just lying around there with no protection? The brain is located in your skull. Your skull is basically your head bone. This bone keeps everything in your face in place. You don’t want your eyeballs to just pop off. The brain is actually located inside your skull. This part of the skull is called a Cranium. Your whole face basically protects the brain from getting damaged. Your brain and the skull don’t Contact each other directly.There are 3 layers of tissues in our cranium called meninges. The most delicate layer in the meninges is the pia mater, The middle layer is called the arachnoid, And the tough outer layer is called the dura mater. These are the names of the meninges. Your brain is surrounded by a liquid substance called  Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) This liquid keeps your brain comfortable and protects it from injury.

What is your brain made out of? Your brain is made out of soft tissue, which includes gray and white matter, containing the nerve cells, non-neuronal cells (which help to maintain neurons and brain health), and small blood vessels. This is a reason why your brain tends to look soft and kind of weird in a way. Is your brain a muscle or an organ? The answer to that is simple : your brain is a very unusual and complex organ. Your brain controls your whole body. 

Did you know?At birth your brain weighs about 1 pound but, in adulthood your brain weighs 3 pounds. Your brain is divided into 2 parts. Right and left. Your right side of your brain controls your left hand and your left side of your brain controls your right hand, Triky right? There is a rope-like libre that goes through your brain that creates the sides of your brain and that libre is called the Corpus callosum. About 95% of your brain is made up of water, WOW!!. A human brain contains approximately one hundred billion neurons, That much!!. These were some cool and interesting facts about your brain!. 

I hope everyone learned something from this article. The brain really is a cool subject to learn about. To finish it all of, Did you know? We only use 10% of our brain! If we could somehow find out a way to use the other 90%, we would be able to unlock a lot of interesting stuff!!. Thank you for your patience! We will see how your eyes are connected to your brain.

Author: Lakshana Arumugam

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