In partnership with educational institutions, our organization establishes local events on a grassroots level that help teach children the fundamentals of the brain along with interesting areas of exploration including sports and even magic/optical illusions.

Types of Events

Although we are open to new ideas and are always supportive of the event ideas of our hosts, we as an organization pursue 3 types of events:

Brain Lessons
We organize events in which we teach interactive 1 hour long lessons to individual classes. Our content encompasses our “Brain Basics” curriculum, modules, demonstrations, animations, and corresponding activities. In an effort to promote collaborative spirit and critical thinking, a lot of our challenging activities are group based, allowing for an enjoyable, memorable learning experience. These lessons can be hosted virtually.

Brain Day
Partnering with areas of education exploration, we work to create an approximately hour long session open to the public as a whole, inviting students of all ages and even parents. In this event, we cover our “Brain Basics” curriculum and corresponding material initially. Then, we transition to module based learning in which we teach 2 of our 6 modules (music, sports, comedy, magic/optical illusions, sleep, and painting/art) through activities, animations, brochures, and demonstrations. This event strives to spread awareness for neuroscience and STEM amongst all the members of society.

Brain Camp
In partnership with communities, our camp hosts events in neuroscience for a week during the summer by way of which students from all backgrounds can come and explore neuroscience in a hands-on approach. We provide engaging opportunities for the students to learn and interact with each other while learning about science to a degree more advanced than taught in their school, but also more fun.

Host an Event

We are very appreciative for your interest in helping support our cause. Hosting an event allows you to join Brain Bunch and lead outreach events. You can partner with us to create one of our proposed event formats or we can help you establish your own initiative.

Join an Event

We are very appreciative for your interest in helping support our cause. You can join us in organizing events as a Brain Bunch Ambassador. For more information please



The children easily engaged in learning about the brain. The visual aids were a plus and everyone had great fun with the activities!

-Paula Baratta, Manager of North End Library

Great interactive activities! The children stayed engaged and had a blast!

-Kristian Brito, Children’s Library Associate Union Public Library


-Violet, Attendee of Brain Fair at North End Library