Art – How Does it Connect to the Brain?

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Art is all about your creativity. Your imagination. The way the different colors in your palette mix together, and make a beautiful masterpiece. It’s also tons of fun for all ages! As an art lover, as well as a brainiac, whenever I painted, I got to thinking : how does art relate to the brain?

The many benefits of art include increasing creative capacities, reducing stress, increased consciousness, great results in education, and even increased blood flow to the brain! Let’s take a close look at some of the benefits, and clearly how it connects to the almighty brain!

Increasing Creative Capacities :

Have you ever seen the look of satisfaction on a child when they use their crayons and paints to draw? The happiness that art brings engages children on various levels, as it supports their hand-eye coordination, creativity, visual learning skills, as well as many other important development skills. Children always enjoy making art, even if it is as simple as finger painting. By helping and encouraging young minds to think creatively and use their supplies to create a work of art, the caregivers/parents can definitely help their children’s brain development, as well as give them a good stress reliever.

According to studies by the National Endowment for the Arts, “Art can also improve language development in young children. When parents talk with children about the art they are making, children learn how to describe visual elements like colors and shapes, and build their vocabularies even as they fine-tune their motor skills. Parents can help build language skills further by pointing out the art around them – a mural on the side of a building or a painting in a doctor’s office – and having a conversation with their children about what they see.” This proves that art is a great stress reliever, as it improves creativity while also improving language development in young children! The brain can help so much, and sometimes it relates to things you would never expect it to relate to! Thanks a lot, Mr. Brain!!

Art Helps Education :

Art is critical to people who wish to have a good education. Art helps calm you down, and to keep having resilience, even when you make a mistake. Therefore, you would also need these essential skills in education. Researchers say that creative pursuits help to build connections in the brain to strengthen cognitive reserve, or brain resilience, and subsequently prevent memory loss. Creating artwork can also improve fine motor skills through small, purposeful movements, which may help to prevent pain and stiffness.

The brain is such an important part of our bodies, without it we wouldn’t be able to function! Therefore, improving your brain by learning more everyday always helps your brain! Art and the brain, though they may be two completely different things, relate to each other so much! There are so many benefits for art that relate to the brain! Using these new facts, learning about art and the brain will definitely inspire you to do more arts, as there are so many brain benefits! Thanks to our brain, all humans have the amazing capability to do anything they desire!

Author: Vinuta Ramakrishnan

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